I have been teaching people how to drive in Woodvale for about 9 years

Normally we begin to learn how to drive on the quieter streets in Woodvale , when you are ready we move to a larger “block” say along Trappers Dr and around Timberlane drive and back onto Trappers Drive

When you are happy doing that we often go to a car park and Start “parking” and our other exercise which we need to be able to do called “left Something behind” .

When You are ready we move onto driving in Your assessment area , say Joondalup ,

We need to be able to deal with,

1.Turning right at traffic lights with no arrow

2.Double laned Roundabouts

3.Stop lines

4.Sometimes a lot of traffic

To Maximise your chances of passing first time You need to be able to demonstrate ,
1. Good Vehicle management Skills
a) Mirrors
b) Signalling
c) Road position before turning left or right (path)
d) Choosing the correct gear for the manoeuvre
e) Rechecking the mirrors
2. A good understanding of the road rules

There is NO test route as such , Assessors are able to take you anywhere they feel like, there is nothing that will definitely not come up
on Your test , You could go on the freeway, or end up doing a reverse parallel park up a hill , you need to be able to do everything,

HOWEVER usually its straight forward , some things we know will definitely happen
1) you will have to reverse your car into a bay
2) You will more than likely do the exercise “left Something Behind ”
3) An Assessor will check that you stop at stop lines

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