I have been teaching people how to drive in Kinross for about 9 years

Normally we begin to learn how to drive on the quieter streets in Kinross , when You can move off without stalling , stop at the side of the road then move off we move to a larger “block” say back and forth along Kinross dr around Roxburg Cir back onto Kinross drive and around Callander Avenue and back onto Kinross drive

We then start “Parking” and our other exercise which we need to be able to do called “left Something behind” .

When You are ready we move onto driving in Your assessment area , say Joondalup ,Over the course of several lessons You will learn when You can and Cannot go


We need to be able to deal with,

1.Turning right at traffic lights with no arrow

2.Double laned Roundabouts

3.Stop lines

4.Sometimes a lot of traffic

To Maximise your chances of passing first time You need to be able to demonstrate ,
1. Good Vehicle management Skills
a) Mirrors
b) Signalling
c) Road position before turning left or right (path)
d) Choosing the correct gear for the manoeuvre
e) Rechecking the mirrors
2. A good understanding of the road rules

There is NO test route as such , Assessors are able to take you anywhere they feel like, there is nothing that will definitely not come up
on Your test , You could go on the freeway, or end up doing a reverse parallel park up a hill , you need to be able to do everything,

HOWEVER usually its straight forward , some things we know will definitely happen
1) you will have to reverse your car into a bay
2) You will more than likely do the exercise “left Something Behind ”
3) An Assessor will check that you stop at stop lines

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