What’s the best way to get my driving license?

What’s the best way to get my driving license?

The answer is reasonably easy –

1) Take an interest – want to be able to drive well, even if you are not interested you can develop an interest by making it important to you.

2) Drive lots then drive some more, you also need to realise that though you need to be able to drive the car its not so much about how well you drive it, its how safely you drive it – for instance; A green light is “to proceed with caution “ you look left and right before you go through an intersection, you wouldn’t walk through the intersection without looking both ways -why would you drive it without looking both ways?

You need to be aware of what’s happening behind you – not necessarily at all times but at important times such as before You brake


Shall I do manual driving lessons or automatic driving lessons?

Automatic is definitely easier, no hill starts no gear changes basically point it in the direction you want to go in, however here are some stat’s

1) The Auto getz requires 7.1 Lt petrol /100kms done at 100 kms/hr. The manual Getz requires  6.1 Lt petrol/100kms done at 100kms/hr

2) Automatic cars cost about $2000 more to buy so over your driving lifetime you are going to save  heaps by learning manual

3) Because manuals are cheaper to run and buy, your employer will more than likely have manual cars –  you are more employable with a manual license.

4) My advice is do manual if it doesn’t work out, doesn’t matter we’ll go auto we’ll both know  in a lesson.


How many driving lessons will I need?

The licensing centre recommends between 12 and 15 1 hour lessons and they are pretty much right.  I have seen people sit and pass their driving test after 6 but they have the privilege of being  able to drive with mum and dad and they had an interest in driving. I have also seen people  needing 25 and more lessons.I guess it depends on how much access you have to a car, whether you are driving manual or auto, your ability and how interested you are in learning.


What are the main ways people fail their test?

1) Stop lines – you have to come to a complete stop, you may want to count to 3 or put your handbrake on,  doesn’t matter so long as the car has come to a complete stop within one meter of the line, if you stop  2 meters away then drive through the line then the assessor has every right to fail you (2 meters from the line and you can’t see left and right generally)

2) double laned roundabouts, you want to turn right – right hand lane, left left hand lane unless  otherwise signed as in a roundabout with 3 exits.

3) you need to know what you are doing with a green light but no green arrow when turning right.

4) Speeding – you speed, you fail.

5) Simply not able to do as asked, for instance – can’t reverse the car into a bay.

6) you can fail for crawling around too slowly, holding up traffic, if the speed limit is 60, try and  do 60 not 50.

7) Sometimes however just plain being too nervous, your mind simply cannot focus and you end up doing  stuff you kick yourself for afterwards – however these nerves generally disappear on your second attempt.


Is it easier to pass at one licensing centre than at another?

No, pass/fail rates are constantly monitored and if one licensing centre has a higher fail rate, the  people in charge want to know why.


Is there a best day or time to sit my driving test?

Not really, there is definitely no best day, there might be a better time for instance the roads are  busier between 8 and 9, maybe a 10 am assessment might be better, however your driving should be at the point where it doesn’t matter anyway before you try to sit your test.


I know I am going to be nervous what can I do to help?


1) Your world will not stop if you fail, its expensive and not good for your self confidence but that’s about it.

2) Don’t tell your mates – why add that pressure?

3) Choose a driving instructor that knows what he/she is doing – I certainly do.

4) know your area, know the format of the test – I run 2 mock tests before the real one.

5) Some people have used herbal anti stress pills, ask your chemist but some of my students tell me they work well.

6) Assessors will not ask you to do anything illegal, They will not try to trick you in any way, there’s no need to be suspicious.

7) Don’t over complicate things all you have to do is drive safely without breaking the law for 30 minutes.



1) 10 lessons done in 10 weeks works better that 10 lessons done in 10 days.

2) Get as much experience on the road as you can between lessons – meaning don’t drive just to the shops and back, vary where you drive,make it difficult for yourself (when you are ready) turn right instead of left, choose the harder route. – Put the work in.

3) Don’t skimp on your driving lessons – money and effort spent now will make you a better driver, good drivers pass their test and stay safe.