Past Fails




Here is a list of how some of my clients have failed a test

Most of the guys can drive a car pretty well, however it is sometimes the case where we are just not accurate enough, some examples are
1. Checking a blind spot as we are merging but we need to check a blind spot before the beginning of the merge
2. Not looking behind the vehicle before reversing , looking after beginning to reverse is not good enough

  1. Parking to close to a blind corner (If a  car behind turns left there a chance they may run into the back of you )
  2. Entering an intersection when there is a car already out there ( only one car at a time say when turning right )
  3. Not entirely stopping at a stop line ( Got to stop totally )
  4. Passing parked cars too close on the left ( law states we have to give a meter )
  5. Driving on the wrong side of the road (at all unless over taking (blind spot check ))
  6. Turning left or Right at a double laned roundabout from the wrong lane