Driving lessons Kallaroo

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I have been teaching people how to drive in Kallaroo for over a decade now

Normally we begin to learn to drive on the quieter streets in Kallaroo, when you are ready we move to a larger “block” adding elements such as -Mirrors

When we are happy doing that we might go to a car park and start parking and our other exercise required for our test called “left something behind”

When you are ready we move to our assessment are – say Joondalup

Over the course of several lessons You will learn who gives way to whom and when you can and cannot go

You need to be able to deal with

1. Turning right at traffic lights with no arrow

2. Double lane roundabouts

3. Stop lines

4.Sometimes a lot of traffic

5. Pedestrians

To maximise your chances of passing first time you need to be able to demonstrate

1. Good Vehicle management skills


b) signalling

c) Road position

d) Parking

e) be able to make decisions

2. A good understanding of the road rules

There is NO test route as such , an assessor can ask you to go on the freeways , do reverse parallel parks – You need to be able to do it all